Chief Minister Kalikho Pul make surprise visit to Police Stations


Chief Minister Kalikho Pul paid a surprise visit to Itanagar Police Station and women police station on Monday, to get the first hand account of the condition in which the policemen and police officers  serving.

On entering the police station, he first checked the duty chart to get information on the working shifts. He inspected the under construction building for police station where IRBN personnel are stationed temporarily, then rushed to check the toilet facilities. He noticed  that the Toilet was stinking and kept unclean, Windows Pan were broken, Duty chart was also not up to the mark. The CM also inspected the common toilet erected in a makeshift structure outside the police station built with CGI sheets.pul-visited-women-ps-2

These conditions of the police station prompted him to react. The CM expressed that “if policemen themselves are operating in such pathetic condition then how would they ensure safety of public?”.  He also suggested introducing a new working hours to a rotating schedule of 8-hour shift each for morning, afternoon and night shifts.

The CM said that “it is his wish to secure a safe and favourable working environment for the policemen– He want to see that the police station is well maintained, equipped with water, toilet and sanitation facilities and also proper office rooms with attached toilet facilities.

He instructed the department to prepare estimate and proposal and to start works for immediate construction of toilet building with four set of toilet facilities. He further advised the police officials to keep the police station clean, upon finding huge heaps of garbage lying outside.

The CM also inspected the lockup rooms and met the inmates who were arrested on money laundering case. He asked them about their background and their family. He asked about the facilities in the lockup – the food they eat, the level of health and hygiene maintained in the lockup. Upon learning that the inmates are provided with two meals a day, the CM instructed to provide them with breakfast and tea, as the same facilities provided in the jail.

Speaking to the jawans on duty, on the role of the policemen, the CM said the police have to be a role model for the society; someone whom people can trust. So it is important that you maintain your mental health and keep yourself physically fit.

He also assured to release the election honorarium for the policemen for their last three election duty. This was promptly granted after a jawan spoke up to put their grievances, which was made on the request of the CM after he asked them to.

Speaking on facilities for police personnel, he informed about the police welfare measures implemented recently by the state government, such as grant for uniform to be deposited directly in their personal account and hike in ration money from Rs 600 to Rs 1000 per month.

CM Surprise Visit to Itanagar Women Police Station

Continuing with his Surprise visit, Chief Minister Kalikho Pul also took a tour of the first all-women police station of the state near bank tinali.pul-visited-women-ps-3

Taking tour of the women police station, the CM inspected on the condition of toilet, kitchen, office rooms and police resting rooms. For the entire office, there was only a single common toilet room temporarily arranged in a makeshift building, which was used by the visitors as well. Several office rooms had leakage roofs; in the ladies resting rooms, the kitchen had no water facilities.

Speaking to the women police personnel, he informed that women police stations will be opened in all the districts with creation of 400 posts for women police to be posted in these police stations. The official requested the CM for the old police barrack presently occupied by their male counterpart to be handed over to women police station to accommodate the women police personnel. They informed the women police station has 45 women police personnel and was short of rooms in the present occupied building.

Promising to address the requirements of the women police station, the CM assured to provide a lockup cell. Also he was informed of the requirement for a permanent site for the women police station as the present building belonged to the department of industries.

Since most women personnel were working mother, they also requested for a crèche or a baby care centre and said that such facility would be first of its kind in the entire country. Also they requested to increase IRBN personnel for women police station as they were short of manpower. They further requested that dispensary room be opened 24 hours to serve police personnel working late at night.

As a major step for providing better facilities to the women police, the government has also kept a provision of Rs 44 Crore in the budget estimate 2016-17 for construction of women police stations including housing facilities in all the districts, informed the CM.

The police official asked for more police vehicle required for emergency police movement and also for drop and pick up facility for women police personnel serving late at night. The CM assured to provide four more vehicles along with the drivers as per the requirement mentioned, and informed that the government has already sanctioned funds for procurement of 228 police vehicles.

To facilitate the stay of women police personnel in the capital city, he assured on making provisions for government residences in the city who were now currently staying in rented house.


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