Fire Department & Emergency Services will be Strengthen- CM


The Department of Fire & Emergency Services will be given additional assets to strengthen its logistics and manpower capability to deal with the disasters, this was announced by Chief Minister Kalikho Pul

He made this announcement during a surprise visit to the Itanagar fire station. As per the plan, the existing strength of One station officer of sub-inspector rank will be increased to two. Likewise the sub-fire officer will be increased to six from the existing four officers. Two more leading firemen will be added to the existing four, with increase in the strength of firemen to thirty from the existing twenty. This is in addition to increase in number of drivers to six, which is double the existing strength.2-pul-visit-to-fire-departm

Also to make easy availability of water supply for fire fighting, the CM disclosed that four overhead water tank will be installed across the city such as Ganga, Gohpur-Chimpu road, Jollang village and Nyokum Lapang. This will be equipped with fire hydrant for fire-fighters to tap into a water supply.

For fire fighting vehicle, the fire department appealed for upgradation of the existing fire tender. It sought to replace the 1982 model vehicle with a new model. They also appealed for a lighter vehicle, for which they preferred a 709 model. The fire department also appealed for security cover to firemen during the duty since there had been frequent attack on them by furious mob during the fire accident. The CM assured to fulfil all vehicle requirements for fire fighting and also to provide security from the nearest police station.

The CM further instructed the fire personnel to keep the phone line always open so that people in distress could be heard any moment. Every second the phone is kept in engaged mode, it could prove costly in emergency situation, he reasoned.3-pul-visit-to-fire-departm

Taking tour of the office, the CM checked for water facilities in toilet and also inspected the resting room and the office cabins.

The CM drew satisfaction from the visit and said that he was pleased to see every fireman on duty chart present in the office.

Addressing the fire personnel, he said as firemen the only job satisfaction you could draw is by saving precious lives, properties and preventing fire accidents. He advised them to perform their duty with service to people as their prime motto and instructed them to be always duty ready since disaster could occur any moment.

He also asked them to keep fire fighting equipment and fire tender always in stand by position to be ready for any eventuality.


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