Carrying of arms openly in public- Is it appropriate ?



Carrying of arms in public by security personnel when off-duty is a matter that has conflicting views surrounding it, with proponents arguing that it is necessary for the safety of our security personnel whose lives remain under constant threat regardless of being in duty or not while those against it argue that such a practice is a safety hazard for the general public as unlawful elements like criminals and terrorists can easily utilise this to their advantage.

Despite the arguments from both sides of the spectrum, authorities need to check such carrying of arms and ammunition openly in public. It is a matter of great concern as who the person is. If he is a police or security personnel, then it is a question by all those who use the National highway that whether he has been trained adequately by the authorities to carry such sophisticated weapon openly without a cover, something which can cause insecurity among the common public.

In this photo, the person carrying the weapon is not even in uniform and hence is it is difficult to determine whether he is a security personnel or not. Thus it is no wonder that this person would probably a source of unease for the general people.


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