Itanagar: LDSU & WSU alleged series of allegation on Kanubari PWD EE 



Longding District Student Union (LDSU) and Wancho Student Union (WSU) jointly alleged the misusing various Government schemes fund by Mitung Mize who is the Executive Engineer (EE) of Public Work Department (PWD), Kanubari division. A complaint also  submitted to the PWD commissioner against the alleged EE.

Revealing before th media person, LDSU president Manlem Wangsu   informed that “Through the RTI it was confirmed that the public money allocated for the maintenance and repair works under various schemes sanctioned like SADA, DoTCL, DDM and to name a few, were not utilized as per the estimated framed.”

“Whereas there were continuous overlapping and duplicity in the maintenance work of Longding to Kanubari road of 54 kilometres approx and every year fund is being sanctioned for its restoration, however, the fund was repeatedly estimated for the said road; this passage is the only sustainable link for the people with outside world” Informed LDSU.

LDSU further revealed that EE had violated the Arunachal Pradesh District Entrepreneurs and Professional Rule 2015; as the most work awarded were given to the unknown contractors and firm of neighbouring state Assam; whose information was never shared to the local people and work sanctioned was never informed too.

Also speaking, WSU president Pongngoi Joham alleged that the   EE is remain most of the time out of the station and is rarely seen in his office, due which people are finding harder to avail schemes and projects.

Meanwhile  LDSU and WSU have appealed to the State Government to set up SIT inquiry for the necessary actions, otherwise, the Union had sought for the democratic movement in the Longding district.


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