Arunachal: SDMA with NDRF organises training for community volunteers on Disaster Response

ITANAGAR-  Arunachal Pradesh State Disaster Management Authority( SDMA )  has taken up an initiative on preparing of Volunteers for Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) in collaboration with 12 National Disaster Response Force (NDRF). In view of the disaster risk reduction, a state level training of community volunteers on “Disaster Response” has been commenced at BN HQR of 12 NDRF Itanagar (AP) on March 01, 2020.


It is proposed to establish institutional mechanism for organized and structured engagement of volunteers by creating as first responders. The batch wise basis training programme has started with intake of 102 volunteers and the remaining 05 batches will continue till 20 April 2021. There is target to train 1200 volunteers in Arunachal Pradesh.

The opening ceremony programme was chaired by  Dani Salu, Secretary Disaster Management, Arunachal Pradesh in presence of  Atul Tayeng, Director DM, Brijesh Upadhyay, Deputy Commandant, 12 NDRF Itanagar, Officers/officials of 12 NDRF, State disaster Management Authority (Arunachal Pradesh) and  102 volunteers.

Any disaster requires a quick response to save lives, contain the damage and prevent any secondary disasters. Affected community is always the “First Responder”. In most instances, this takes place spontaneously, outside any organized setting.

Volunteers from the community play a vital role in immediate response to any disaster. National Disaster Response Force, State Disaster Response Force and other organised services including police, fire services etc. take some time to reach the disaster sites.

In the meantime, volunteer groups not only provide initial rescue and relief services, but also act as link between the affected community and institutions arriving at the scene, thus strengthening response by the government actors.

Volunteers also work as “force multiplier” particularly when the emergency services have to be reached to the remotest affected community.

A comprehensive course has been prepared by 12 NDRF, Itanagar including topics like Basic Search and Rescue, patient assessment, BLS & CPR, Snake Biting, Fire safety, group exercises, etc. The training will consist of both theoretical and practical sessions so as to build the capacity and confidence of volunteers to act as first responders to a disaster in their respective areas. Feedbacks will be taken by APSDMA from these trained volunteers for further improvement of the training programme.


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