Arunachal: Congress, NPP workers join BJP in presence of Tapir Gao

more than thousand of party workers from Congress, NPP and others joined BJP in presence of BJP State President Tapir Gao on Wednesday.



Arunachal Pradesh state BJP President Tapir Gao appeal the newly joined party workers to shoulder the responsibility for development of Arunachal and become a part of “sab ka sath sab ka vikas”.

He was addressing a huge gathering at Chimpu at a mass joining function organised by the party leader Jikke Tako  where more than thousand of party workers from Congress, NPP and others joined in presence of host of party leaders of state and district.

Gao in his address said that state the mantras of Prime Minister “sab ka sath sab ka vikas” will only possible if all stake holders put together their hand in the parts of state development and then everywhere we may see the fruits of development.

He said that joining any party should be an agenda for the development of the area and by which we may take to a new height if the local leaders and all other stake holders are sincere, committed  and dedicated toward the party and development.

Arunachal: Congress, NPP workers join BJP in presence of Tapir Gao

Referring to get party ticket Gao said that the party ticket will be getting from the people of Tali area and appeal all the party workers to work in team spirit and party leaders will see and recommend after proper verification from the ground.

BJP Leader from Tali assembly constituency Jikke Tako while addressing the media said that people of 20 Tali Assembly Constituency of Kra Daadi have elected congress MLA several times but the expected development was not upto the mark.

Hundreds of local and senior members of society, social workers, businessmen and party leaders from other political party from two Circle Tali and Pipsorang out of 23 polling station people from 22 polling station have today joined under his imitative to the BJP having faith in its senior leader Tapir Gao, young chief minister Pema Khandu and visionary leader Narendra Modi.

The people having expectation with the BJP is joining the party to get better development than before, Jikke added.

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Advisor to Chief Minister Tai Tagak, former MLA Takam Sorang, Kra Daadi BJP district President Nguri Kyokam, Kra Daadi district BJP Incharge Tagin Siga, part bistarak Dug Saha, Boken Kino,   Tali  BJP Mandal President Yora Palang among other also address the gathering.

Among prominent persons joined the party today are businessmen Tagru Taha, Regio Tada, Gichik Taja, Yora Arki, Maru Tania, Gichik Tare, Gikke Tayek, Kharsang Tamar, RT Hake, Gichik Goel, Yarda Sakma among several former PRI members and local leaders of various political part joined the saffron brigade today in presence of the


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