Khandu Appreciated the role of Arunachal Vikas Parishad


Chief Minister Pema Khandu appreciated the role of Arunachal Vikas Parishad, a sister-concern of Akhil Bharatiya Vanawasi Kalyan Ashram (ABVKA), in preserving the rich culture of the state as well as inculcating a sense of pride in the indigenous communities on their past.


Expressing concern over the growing distance between the indigenous communities and their culture, Chief Minister Pema Khandu exhorted NGOs working in this direction, elders and seniors to take upon the responsibility to inculcate love, respect and attachment in the younger generation towards their rich indigenous culture and heritage.

Speaking at the valedictory function of the three-day Prantiya Karyakarta Sammelan of the Arunachal Vikas Parishad (AVP) here this evening at VKV, Chimpu premises, Khandu asserted that the government alone cannot preserve and propagate indigenous faiths, beliefs and culture. He underscored the role of parents, teachers and elders in this endeavour.

“The role of the society is of utmost importance in checking the disappearance of our distinct indigenous culture in the near future,” he said while throwing caution that modernity has adversely affected passing down of the state’s rich cultural heritage.

 “On behalf of the people of the state, I thank and salute the members and volunteers of NGOs like AVP, who travel across the length and breadth of the state discarding their personal comfort and spread awareness on culture and identity,” Khandu said.

He pointed that today people in the west have realized that rapid modernization had taken them far away from their culture and roots and therefore have started researching their past and getting nearer to their roots with pride.

“In that sense Arunachal Pradesh is lucky. We have not lost all. Therefore, it is up to us to help preserve and take pride in our rich culture which are distinct to each community of our state,” Khandu said.

He further said that visitors from outside do not come to Arunachal Pradesh to see its materialistic development but to see, explore and learn about the rich culture, traditions and customs of the indigenous communities.

Specifically lauding the activities of AVP not only in the field of culture and faith but also in rendering services in education and health sectors, the Chief Minister assured support and cooperation of the state government in all noble ventures of the NGO.

He advised the volunteers (karyakartas) of AVP who attended the training camp from Oct 28 to 30 to take whatever they have learnt to their respective districts and villages and distribute the knowledge at the grass root level.

To mark the occasion, 15 senior social activists who worked a lifetime for preservation of indigenous culture and faith were felicitated with Arun Seva Samman-2017 by the Chief Minister.

The awardees were Jatan Pulu, Tabin Karlo, Paniram Panyang, Pratik Potom, Nabam Atum, Dishi Mihu Mallo, Taba Hare, Tasso Tamiya Santi, Tasso Yun, Kaling Borang, Mahendranath Chaturvedi, Mihin Kaning, Ngungtim Changmi, Madhuram Pegu and Leki Phuntso.

Also present on the occasion were BJP State President Tapir Gao, ABVKA All India Joint Organizing Secretary Atul Jog, Partho Maharaj of RKM, AVP State President Techi Gobin and AVP State General Secretary Gyati Rana.


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