Arunachal:  Sad story of a Letter Box




By Manoj Singh 

“Meri Kahani Bhoolne waalon, teraa jahaan aabaad rahe” ,  this line of a  hindi song  tells the sad story of a letter box  which is lying unused  since  several weeks.  this can be aptly applied in the situation of this letter box lying unused at Zero Point Tinali.

According to the locals, this big size Latter box of Itanagar head Post Office is lying unused for months together. Now the locals appealed to the he officials of Post office  to carry away with them of their property.

Local shopkeepers of Zero Point Tinali said that they have informed the officials of the Itanagar Post office several months back but they have turned their ear deaf.

 There is a requirement of Letter Box in the area but the postal department neither visit this thrown away box nor they installed a new letter box for the convenient of the residents of the area.

Arunachal:  Sad story of a Letter Box

They said that the letter box is lying abandoned for moths together after the four land road construction work started and post office officials do very less care for it.

Some people saying that , the time of latter box on road side or in colonies has gone. Today the time of mobile phone, SMS, Text message, whatsaap. Hardly any one writes latter and use this latter box to drop it.


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