Give primary Importance to Education- Khandu Asks to GSU



Arunachal Chief Minister Pema Khandu urged students leaders to give primary importance to education and not be bogged down by issues, which are to be dealt primarily by the elected representatives of the state.  Khandu was speaking to the members of Galo Welfare Society (GWS) and Galo Students Union (GSU), who had called on today.

 “What my concern is that today’s education scenario in the state is very depressing. We are at the bottom in the country’s chart,” he pointed. “We need to be assured that our state is in safe hands tomorrow. For that we have to work for our future generation as they will be the one, who will run our state and our organisations in future.”

Chief Minister Pema Khandu has hailed education as only way forward towards better Arunachal. Only through education could the society progress economically and socially. He therefore appealed all the community based organisations in the state to make education as their primary agenda.

Acknowledging the gratitude expressed by the Galo organisations for inducting MLA Jomde Kena into the ministry, the Chief Minister said that it is an injustice if a large community is unrepresented.

He stressed that he will take along all regions and the tribes in the state leaving no one behind and to even accommodate those left behind.

The Chief Minister, however, stressed that a minister should not represent a community or a region but should work for the overall welfare of the state.

He further said the state government will work closely with Union Minister of State of Home Affairs Kiren Rijiju and Member of Parliament Ninong Ering, looking beyond party politics as it needed the support of the centre to trap into the vast potential of the state.



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