Itanagar: Are Torn and dirty banners and posters are beauty of capital complex ..?

Look at the above photo, do you think these torn and dirty posters and banners are enhancing the beauty of the  capital complex…?



By Manoj Singh

The twin capital city flooded with torn and dirty banners, posters, cut-out, hoardings of several organisation, union, association, political party and NGO and even by the govt department, but nobody bothered  to clean it .

One side we are moving towards smart city and the other side these torn poster, banners, hoardings etc  raising several question on the part of administration and IMC.

The denizens of twin city wanted to know first,  who gives permission  to put  these posters, banners, on the road side, public places and govt property…?.  Is there any rule existing with municipal authorities or district administration to take  permission  before  putting these poster or banners on road side….?

second thing, if these banners, poster hangs after getting proper permission, then whose responsibility  is to clean it….? IMC or district administration….?

These unwanted banners, hoardings, cut-outs, signboard etc which are in some cases are determental to the road accidents.

Several instances have been observed by the locals that some of these are unnecessary erected which is too old and useless and occupying space on the National Highway-415 and several arterial roads of colony and sector.

Few intellectuals appeal the capital district administration, Itanagar Municipal Corporation and Department of Urban Development to implement the guidelines which was adopted much earlier in the greater interest for making capital neat and clean.

They also urge upon the administration that the guidelines should have a provision to get revenue from these banners, posters, cut-out, hoardings and charges for cleaning and if necessary to realise the defacement charge from those organisation, association, union, society, party and others whom the permission are given for erecting and pasting and painting.

It is to mentioned that few foot over bridge, market area and parking lots, gates of several office establishment and area near school and colleges have been the worse affected by these signboards, banners etc.


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