Arunachal: State Govt share two year’s achievements and future plans




The Arunachal Pradesh state government today shared it’s achievements from the past two years and future plans. In a press conference addressed by govt spokesperson  Bamang Felix, he explained in details the achievements of the govt.

Bamang said that the various PM Flagship schemes, which have resulted in development penetrating to the grass roots level.  Apart from that, there are CM Flagship program running in the state which complement the efforts of the Government of India and focus on state specific development issues.

From day one, our Government have been focusing on transparency and ensuring that the benefit of Government schemes reach to the last man standing, he added.

Further he informed that the 60 Programs are PM Flagship schemes and 9 are CM Flagship schemes. Government of Arunachal Pradesh is taking all the efforts to ensure that the schemes reach to the last mile.

Recently Government has launched Sarkaar Aapke Dwar initiative where all the departments will hold administrative camps in cluster of villages to cover the entire state in next 4 months. This will ensure on the spot delivery of services. Apart from that, CM Dashboard has been created to monitor all the PM/CM flagship schemes running in the state, Said Mr Felix.

As explained by Mr Felix, others achievement of the govt are as follows.

Under Saubhagya scheme we will provide electrification to 44806 unelectrified households by 31st December 2018. While 39376 will be on –grid connections, 5430 will be off-grid. This will make 100 percent electrification.

Panchayat election –       This is reiteration of our earlier statement on the Panchayat election. Our Government has no ill intention as some political parties have been alleging. You are aware that we have shifted from the 3 tier system to 2 tier system for which necessary rules and regulations has to be put in place.  Massive time taking process in the ground like delimitation process, voters enrolment process etc. To make a foolproof system. As and when these process completes, we will hold the elections.

We are aware of the Hon’ble High court directions through the media and accordingly have alerted the PR department to expedite the process. However, we are yet to get the final verdict order of the court. Govt. will take all steps to humbly comply with the order of Hon’ble High Court.

Trans Arunachal Highway compensation issue:   Law is taking its own course of action. The State Government will have no second thought to take actions against those who compromise with the development activities. strict actions will be initiated against the people- whoever he or she may be

NPP issue- Joining of 7 PPA MLAs to NPP. Heard the news from Media about joining of 7 PPA MLAs to NPP but I should reveal that there is no official communication neither from the NPP headquarter or NEDA headquarter including the acceptance of their merger by the State Assembly Secretariat.

SUMAA – issue:  Our Government will not allow any organisation or Student unions to take law into their hands. We have administration – system in place to deal with such unscrupulous activities. Digging a non issue and making it an issue is not acceptable and the government is duty bound to take appropriate action. What had happened in West Kameng District is unfortunate and highly condemnable. Appropriate directions have been issued and people or organization disturbing in the peace and tranquillity of the state will be dealt with iron hands.

Grievances of any group/ organisation shall be resolved through available democratic means for which this Government is always ready.

Taking Law and order into the hands shall be dealt with strictly as per law.

click to read Consolidated Report on PM’s/Central/CM’s Flagship Programme



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