Arunachal Pradesh- Pul’s Journey from Carpenter to Chief Minister


Last journey

The news of the death of former Arunachal Pradesh chief minister Kalikho Pul created panic all around. The body of Kalikow was found hanging in his bedroom. Police initially were in doubt whether he committed suicide. The sudden demise of Kalikho pul has come as a surprise to many. Many know him as a beloved leader, but few know the real story of hardships and struggles that he had to face for the better for his life.

The meaning of the name Kalikho is a better tomorrow, perhaps it was because of his namesake the he worked his way from a carpenter to clerk and then finally becoming the chief minister of Arunchal Pradesh. He lost his other when he was just 11months old and his father expired when he was 6 years old. He went lived with his aunt after the death of his parents. Instead of going to school, he had to forage for firewood in the forest.

File photo- taking oath for chief minister

Pul was interested in studies but financial constraints prevented him to pursue his interest . At the age of 12 by learning the work of carpenter and earing a decent income from it, he took admission in a coaching centre, He use to work in morning and attend classes at night. In this center, there was a programme one day in which he gave lecture in Hindi and sang patriotic songs. Impressed by Kalikho, the district Collector admitted him in a school and during his studies in school, he opened a Pan Shop.

Pul was also struggling from a life threatening disease apart from poverty. In 1980, he was too ill but for medication and he had only Rs1600 with him which was insufficient to pay for his treatment. He didn’t receive any help from his relatives so he decided to commit suicide, He stood near the Lit river and thought about drowning in it for 30 minitues. It was from this pivotal moment that a new life for the future CM began.                                                                                                                                         

File photo- as chief minister

Perhaps it was this struggle with poverty and disease that made him empathize with the hundreds of ill and grieving who used to flock to his CM darbar. He got married in 1996 and became a minster in the Apang  government.

Pul was elected five times into the state Legislative assembly on a congress ticket. In 2015 he left congress and joined BJP. With the help of 12 BJP MLAs , he formed a new government and became the CM of Arunachal Pradesh. However, the apex court declared his government illegal and his cabinet was disbanded.



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