Itanagar: Training for Polling and Presiding Officers conducted

Itanagar: The training for Polling and Presiding Officers was conducted today at DKCC Itanagar wherein they were briefed on their roles and responsibilities in connection with the conduct of Municipal election by EAC Lod Takkar incharge of EVM cell and Dy Director R K Sona incharge of EVM for Itanagar area.


While highlighting the importance of their role, the DC cum MEO( Municipal Election Officer) Komkar Dulom urged them to discharge their duty with dedication and utmost sincerity on the day of poll.

The MEO also briefed them on the basic do’s and don’t’s with regards to their duties.

The Polling and Presiding Officers were also given proper briefing and demonstration on EVM by both the EVM incharges.

The EAC Takkar also informed that  hands on EVM training has been scheduled from tomorrow that is 5th December 2020 till 20th December 2020 at Siddharth hall to ensure that each and every polling personnel personally handles the machine before poll.

Also, a total of 47 candidates were found valid after scrutiny by the MROs( Municipal Returning Officers) today for the Municipal Election across 20 wards of the Itanagar Municipal Corporation.


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