Arunachal: derangement in voter enrollment in Yachuli- alleged IVECDC

IVECDC  has alleged that a gross derangement in voters enrollment  in Yachuli assembly constituency.


Illegal Voters Enrollment Clean Drive Committee (IVECDC), Yachuli constituency working for the clean enrollment of voters alleged that for a gross derangement in voters enrollment  in Yachuli assembly constituency specially in two polling stations of 8th Paniya and 18th Yablu.

Addressing the media at press club IVECDC advisor Likha Kan said that there are 865 voters in Yablu village among which 411 are outsiders (Non-Tribals) and at Paniya the total voters are 565 among which 231 are outsiders.

According to the Representation of Peoples Act-1951 (RPA), the electorate should be ordinary electorates of the particular place. “We are not against the outsiders but they should have the No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the concerned District Election Officer (DEO) which they don’t have,” he said.

He also said that there are countable outsiders in both the villages but surprisingly in the electoral sheet there are more than anyone can imagine.

He also added that, even a single person in repeatedly enrolled with different name with same photograph. Despite many representation and approach the concerned office is negligent to the issue, he added.

Alleging the Circle Officer, Pistana IVECDC said that it he is the puppet of the local representative of the constituency. The CO whose responsibility is to bring neutrality and proper verification is not upholding the power.

Not being confirmed Kan alleged the local representative might be threatening the CO to not work according to the norms and guidelines. Fear of CO being threatened the committee has earlier met Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) to provide adequate security for the electoral review, he informed.

In the meantime advisor of IVECDC Toko Teki questioned the DEO and the local representative, how can in a single family have around 60-75 voters? We are not against the non tribal’s settled in the area.

“There are people from outside the state working for many years and been casting votes but, if 411 voters are outsiders in a village out of 865 how can the political aspirations of the people be maintained, he questioned.

During the last election also there were large numbers of bogus voters who avails voting both in Assam and here. This kind of act is illegal and if the local representative is knowingly letting this happen then it is murder of democracy, he added.

IVECDC earlier in a meeting with the CEO had informed about the bogus voters and accordingly CEO has directed the DEO to verify the issue and act accordingly in a letter.

“If the CO of Pistana is found guilty the department should take stern action against him,” he added.

Meanwhile when contacted ADC Yachuli, JT Obi said that as per guidelines all the deletion and inclusion of the voters are in progress. Assistant Electoral Registration Officer (AERO) Pistana, Yazali and Booth Level Officers (BLO) are working on its own space to delete and induct the electorates, he said.

He also informed that till now there is no report from BLO or the AERO on bias or inclusion of bogus voters. “There is also many time frames left for the claim and objection to the issues raised by the forum but till now there is no such report,” he added.

Adding to it he also said that if any bogus voters are found in the electoral people can come to the office and complain on it which the forum has not approached yet.

The review on the electoral are not yet completed and the work is on progress.


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