Arunachal: First snowfall of this season hits Tawang and Bomdila

Tourists travelling to Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh witnessed the first snowfall of the season in Tawang, Bumla and Sela pass.

Tawang/ Bomdila


Tawang and Bomdila,  both tourist destination near  Sino-India border in  Arunachal Pradesh on Tuesday  witness 1st snowfall of the season which is being enjoyed by the tourists visiting the hill towns as well as the local residents.

Sikang Norbu, a hotel owner of Tawang informed  Arunachal24,  the entire Tawang city and Bumla Pass witnessed snowfall. December is the peak time for tourists to visit Tawang, he added.

A youth leader from Bomdila inform over phone that Bomdila witness the snowfall after two years of gap, earlier it was happened in the year 2016.

Arunachal: First snowfall of this season hits Tawang and Bomdila

One tourist who is on the way to Tawang informed Arunachal24 that the Sela pass is full of snow.  Many tourist vehicle those who are going to Tawang have come back to Dirang or Bomdila from sela pass due to heavy snowfall.

Tawang  SP Sagar Singh Kalsi in a message to Arunachal24 said that It is reported that  at Dzela (Sela) Peak, the possibility of crossing the vehicles is very difficult.

Heavy snow at Dzela top got coagulated on the road and we’re experiencing continuous snowfall, Kalsi informed.

    Arunachal: First snowfall of this season hits Tawang and Bomdila    Arunachal: First snowfall of this season hits Tawang and Bomdila

Right from Baisakhi to Sela and from Jaswant fort to Dzela pass has heavy snow on the road and at some location road is totally vitreous. Therefore it appears that road is not so worthy to ply vehicle in night hours and even during the heavy snowfall.

Few vehicles got stranded in between Baisakhi to Dzela and nearby Dzela so it would better suggested to avoid travelling towards Tawang.

He appeal the tourist and local traveller to remain alert while driving in snow. Kalsi added.


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  1. Heavy snowfall in Tawang & Bomdila this year will turn Arunachal into a snow-capped paradise on earth. It seems God is very happy. Let hard work & continuous good planning turn Arunachal into a living paradise.

  2. In nature glimpse God has given everything resources to arunachal but now it’s turn of politician to take the step further for better infrastructure

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