ArunachaI: food processing investor meet concludes


One day food processing investors meet organised by North Eastern Regional Agriculture Marketing Corporation Limited  (NERAMAC) concluded here at Hotel Ashoka today.


Addressing the inaugural session Chief Commissioner Marnya Ete said that Arunachal is having lots of potential for production of food products like citrus product which include Orange, Pineapple, ginger, banana, Kiwi and other Agriculture and Horticulture products but due to lack of transportation, facilities and market place these products are not exposed to other parts of country.

But now the huge network of Trans Arunachal Highway (TAH) and other road network are underway which would provide connectivity to the farmers. Few HPD are also supposed to be commissioned soon and by which the power supply to state will increase and soon there will be no problem and slowly the power supply may be sufficient in some parts of state.

Appreciating the enthusiast of the farmers Ete said that there are lots of scope and main trust area in state in Horticulture and the farmers may take loan and avail subsidy of different department and various schemes under Government of India for upliftment of Food processing sector of the Region and country.

This would also add in solving unemployment to the educated and unemployed youths which is increasing and also increase the economic condition of the people and provide opportunity for development of tourism in state.

He said the youths and young entrepreneurs should come forward to increase these activities in cultivation and production of Kiwi, orange, Tea, Bamboo and other products. He also said that the GOI is also going to establish two food park in state and all farmers should come forward in development of state.

Deputy Director, Industries Tuli Bassar while dwelt all the schemes of Food Processing and all related issue right from registration of farmers, entrepreneurs to grant of loan and subsidy, production, transportation, linkage with markets and other issue of the farmers. He said that GOI have kept a provision of 6000 crore in food processing sector,

NERAMAC Assistant Manager Luyang while welcoming the meet said that there are vast opportunity for the farmers to come forward and unite for the cause of food processing units in state and several issue and motives of organising such meets in different parts of the region by NERAMAC.

Indian Institute of Packaging (IIP) Kolkata N. Nataraj while delivered on need of packaging which add the value of the products to get higher price in compare to old system.

He said that the scheme ‘SAMPADA’ is meant for Agro-marine where subsidy of 10 crore have been kept by GOI of 35 % on cluster basis which need to be availed by the farmers.

NERIST Assistant Professor Arun Choudhary, NERAMAC Chief Consultant Hamad Berlashker also spoke.

APEX Bank Managing Director Tsering Thongdok, Several farmers and entrepreneurs, students and faculty from NERIST and RGU also attended the day lone programme.


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