B C Tok appeal all stake holders for development of medicinal plant in state


Arunachal Pradesh State medicinal Plant Board (APSMPB) Chairman B C Tok  appeal all stake holders to extend support  for promotion of medicinal plant conservation, protection and cultivation in state.


Addressing the 9th governing body meeting of the APSMPB at the conference hall of the PCCF office here today Tok said that though the Board is facing acute financial crisis for smooth functioning of all its activities in regards to promotion ,  cultivation ,  conservation and protection of several medicinal but we can overcome if all stakeholders put up collective responsibility.

There are several herbs and plants which have great medicinal value which are lying abandoned in nature and forest in state. Few medicinal plants are at the verge of extension due to black-marketing and smuggling which need to be stopped if we make a regulation and arrange minimum support price after through verifying cost in cultivation, marketing and exporting upto factory or manufacturing unit.

APSMPB  CEO T Gapak readout the agenda and welcome the guest and highlighted the activities of the Board since last 2001. Director SJETA Yumlam Kaha, Director Audit & Pension A Basit, Additional PCCF N Tam, Joint Director (Health) Tage Tatung, Jt. RCS R D Thungon and other member also suggested several ways and means of several agenda put forward for discussion of which several resolution was taken up in the interest of the Board for the approval of the government.

Addressing the reporters Chairman B C Tok said that we have a good discussion on fixation of selling price of paris polyphylla, audited statement for the  year 2017-18, discussion of requirement of corpus fund by state government for establishment of research field station.

Development of Agro-Technique on GSMPs, discussion for framing of APMAP act, cluster farming of GSMPs, empowerment to implement all the NMPB scheme from other implementing agency (Horti, & AYUSH), enhancement of grant in aids to the Board, and we have also discussion on transfer of APSMPB from deportment of Environment & Forest to department of AYUSH etc.

Minutes will be drawn and will be put forward to the state government for approval and also for providing of Corpus fund for smooth functioning of the Board. Tok added.


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