Itanagar: ATM is in ramshackle condition but always functioning

This ATM which is in albeit horrible shape, is one of the few ATMs in the Itanagar capital complex wherein cash is available most of the time.



By Denhang Bosai , Dy Director, IPR, Arunachal Pradesh 

Please don’t go by face value. Don’t go by the charm of external beauty, colourful decoration, outward show and raazmataaz because real beauty hides inside.

The ATM in the picture here may look in a ramshackle condition with no glasses or wall to protect it, standing proudly amidst dirth and filth. But please be informed that this ATM which is in albeit in a horrible shape, is one of the few ATMs in the capital wherein cash is available most of the time. Please don’t ask me about its  location. People from far and wide throng here to take out their money.

Talking about ATM, it is rather intriguing that most of the ATMs have no cash most of the time not only in our state but also in other states. I have experienced this in Assam many times. Needless to talk about the condition of the ATMs, especially in the capital region which are surrounded by filth and are in real bad shapes. Some of them  can put the cowsheds to shame.

We often talk of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. But when we are not about to keep the small ATM booths neat and clean, it is futile to talk about cleanliness of our towns and cities. The condition of most of the schools, colleges, hospitals and other government establishments are no different. They emanate stench and spread dirth.

The sorry state of these establishments which are our greatest assets force me to believe that when the tribals of our state were born God blissfully forgot to teach them the importance of civic sense and cleanliness. So, they were born incomplete. The time is ripe for all of us to love the assets created by the government and other agencies for us and take good care of them. Let’s not only protect them jealously but also keep them neat and clean.

It is our onus. Let’s not be concerned only about our rights but also about our responsibilities towards our society and our state. I find most people talking only about their rights most of the time in social media and never say a word about their responsibilities. Is it the way to build our state? No. We have to introspect seriously and undo all the wrongs we have done before, before its too late..


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