Arunachal: Audition for Miss Nyokum Toru 2023 held

Many have participated during Audition but the judges have selected only 27 contestants.

ITANAGAR- An audition for Miss Nyokum Toru 2023 was conducted successfully at hotel Rising sun, Naharlagun on 28 January, 2023, under the talented and well experienced judges Miss Ana Taying (Choreographer) Miss Chera Anyi (Ast. Choreographer) Mrs Tana Meena (Ast. Culture Secretary). In presence of Organising Chairman Taba Rama (ZPM Toru).


Many have participated during Audition but the judges have selected only 27 contestants. The selected contestants will perform for Final Miss Nyokum Toru on 25 February 2023 at Golden jubilee Nyokum yullo ground Toru.

The audition was conducted by the cultural in-charge of the Toru Nyokum Yullo Golden Jubilee celebration and was participated by many young, promising beauty pageants.

Speaking to the Media, the Assistant Cultural Secretary of Toru Nyokum Celebration Tana Meena briefed about the importance of conducting Miss Nyokum. Miss Nyokum is a platform to encourage our young promising beauty pageants of Nyishi community with our theme HUNT FOR CULTURAL AMBASSADOR. Moreover, our month- long festival will focus on promoting and preserving old age culture and practice by displaying folk dance, folklore, etc.

while choreographer Miss Ana Taying appealed to the people to refrain from making negative comments about beauty pageants and instead asked them to support and guide their loved one’s who show interest in such events.

Arunachal: Audition for Miss Nyokum Toru 2023 held

Chairman of Golden Jubilee Celebration Nyokun Yullo celebration Toru-2023, ZPM, Taba Rama appealed to the people to join their celebration which will officially begin from 1st February to 26 February  2023. While briefing to the media Organizing Chairman Taba Rama spoke on- “Significance of Nyokum celebration”.

The festival has a close link with cultivation. The Nyokum goddess, the goddess of prosperity is invoked for her blessings so that there may be more and more production of food-grains in the next harvesting season, that the visit of famine may be warded off, and that drought or flood may not hamper cultivation, nor should any insect or animal destroy plants and crops. The Goddess is invoked so that the human race may be strengthened and regenerated. All should be free from unnatural death due to accidents, war and epidemic.

Ui or Oram Nyoko is the place meant for life after death. It is also believed that there are numerous deities and spirits on earth. These are the deities and spirits of mountains, rivers, forest, animals, crops, household and so on and so forth. Some of the spirits are benevolent and others are malevolent.

The Nyishi believe that human being’s can live a life of peace and prosperity on this earth only when a perfect harmony is maintained between man, God and nature. They also believe that prosperity and happiness can come to a man when God and nature are pleased. Misery, hardship and natural calamities like famine, flood, drought, earthquake, epidemic, warfare, accidental death and such unwanted incidents occur due to the displeasure and wrath of the God and Goddess of nature.

It is, therefore, the Nyishi worship to propitiate the benevolent Gods and Goddess to protect and bring prosperity to them and to ward off the malevolent spirits from disturbing the peace and tranquility in their life, Nyokum Yullow is one of such propitiation.


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