Arunachal: Army hosts sainik school cadets in Likabali


As part of a motivational tour, the Indian Army organized a visit of 40 Cadets from Sainik School, East Siang, Arunachal Pradesh to Likabali Military Station on March 12. The tour was aimed at providing the Cadets a first-hand experience of life in a field formation of the  Army.

A weapon and military equipment display was organized  to give them an insight into the combat prowess of the Army.  During the tour of the museum, the cadets expressed great pride about the glorious history and gallant acts of the soldiers and regiments in the past battles.

The Cadets also visited the military hospital and acquainted themselves with the medical facilities provided for the defence personnel.  A motivational movie was screened for the Cadets enlightening them on choosing the Armed Forces as a career option.

 Arunachal: Army hosts sainik school cadets in Likabali

During the tour, the Cadets  enthusiastically  interacted with soldiers to know more about the Army.  Such visits to Military establishments by children and youth will go a long way in motivating them towards Nation building.


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