AKDDSU Appreciates Khandu’s Visit to Tali, People seeing a ray of hope

After the visiting of Chief Minister Pema Khandu once again the people of Tali  are seeing a ray of hope- All Kra Daadi District Students Union



All Kra Daadi District Students Union (AKDDSU ) Appreciated the recent visit of the Chief Minister Pema Khandu and his team and his assurance to the people of the Tali area would see a ray of hope from him being a young and dynamic with a vision for development of state.

Addressing the media persons at Arunachal Press Club today AKDDSU President Gora Rikam Bhai said that Tali Circle is one of the remotest circle established in the year 1957 is yet to connected through road and power supply.


Several VIP’s including former Chief Ministers of state have visited on several occasion and assurances were given but assurances remain in vain but on surface there is no sign of such development and creation of infrastructure as expected in decades.

But now after the visiting of Chief Minister Pema Khandu once again the people of Tali  are seeing a ray of hope.

Construction of Yangte -Tali road will restart by November- Pema Khandu

Rikam Bhai said that we wish that the assurance would come true and connectivity to the Tali area this time become a reality and people of Tali may able to come or dive vehicle from other parts of district and state as a whole.

He said that the of AKDDSU have meet the CM at Tali on his visit and submitted a memorandum for Immediate function of Government Degree College at Palin, establishment of district Hospital at Palin, Providing of two ambulance and one mortuary van for Tali and Palin, allocation of fund for additional class room/toilet rooms/auditorium/boundary fencing at Government Secondary School Tali and Government Higher Secondary School Palin, construction of road to Tali. He said that the boys hostel have been converted into DDSE office and so on, he said.

Rikam said that the electric poles were erected years back under RGGVY in the year 2014 but still there is no power supply and we have requested the Power Dept to take immediate action but suitable action is not being initiated so far and hope that the state government may take action against the officer for his inaction.

Construction of Yangte -Tali road will restart by November- Pema Khandu

The condition of schools and hospital in district is in bad shape and there is immediate need of creation of infrastructure and posting of sufficient teachers and other staffs.

Land encroachment is also a problem and boundary wall in all schools is immediately needed. The condition of the health scenario of the district is also same in compare  to other district.

there is no district hospital in the district and the present 50 bedded hospital at Jorung have been converted to Community Health Centre (CHC).

He said that there is urgent need of posting of sufficient doctor and para-medical staffs alongwith medical equipments for treatment providing of treatment at the door step. Many PHC/CHC where the medicines available are expiry medicine and understood that the medicines whose expiry are nearing are being sent to district for consumption is a gross injustice to the local people and is illegal activities on part of department of Health and demanded action from the government, Rikam added.

General Secretary Pakyum Talop said that the road and bridge as announced by the Chief Minister Pema Khandu should be constructed as per specification with quality and hope that the work would be completed in time and people of Tali area hope from the welfare government is fulfilled.

The distribution of PDS items is also a big challenge for the department to provide to the locals in the area and is in bad shape and wanted that the air dropping is started again for the convenient of people of the remote circle of the state as the head load have stopped for quite some time and people of the area are suffering in want of PDS items.

AKDDSU further said that the development of the area have been lacking behind due to political differences. They appeal the people of the district to support the district administration in all matter of development of district.


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