Supercars speed past Arunachal highway, CM Pema Khandu thrilled

ITANAGAR-    Supercars, including Ferrari and Porsche, speed past the high altitude roads in the treacherous terrains of Arunachal Pradesh amid steady drizzle, leaving the Chief Minister Pema Khandu and netizens delighted.


Thrilled Chief Minister Pema Khandu posted videos on social media of the luxurious sports cars speeding away in the hilly roads in Upper Siang district bordering China, with John Denver’s ‘Rocky Mountain High’ playing in the background.

“With these beauties rolling on the Damroh-Mariyang highway, the view becomes much more amazing and splendid. We are proud to say, Arunachal is able to offer itself as one of the best driving destinations for supercars,” the Chief Minister said.

While luxurious sports cars may not be noticed by too many people in metropolitan cities, for the residents of hilly Arunachal Pradesh, it was a sight to behold.

Earlier on Thursday, the Chief Minister had treated his followers with a video of colourful supercars, including Ferrari, Aston Martin, Audi, Porsche and Lamborghini, parked on a tarmac at the Pasighat airport in East Siang district.

Supercars speed past Arunachal highway, CM Pema Khandu thrilled

Khandu had tweeted: “A testimony of improving road quality in Arunachal. For the first time, Supercars touches down in Arunachal. The club will be riding 1,000 kms in eastern Arunachal roads. Those riding Supercars, enjoy the mesmerising roads running alongside breathtaking sceneries.”

As the video clips went viral, it created a huge buzz online.

Supercars speed past Arunachal highway, CM Pema Khandu thrilled

According to media reports, some of the cars belong to Gautam Singhania, Chairman and Managing Director of The Raymond Group, who is reportedly on a holiday here with his friends.

These deluxe cars passed through 1,000 km of picturesque and treacherous terrain across eastern Arunachal Pradesh before participating in a private event ( Source IANS).


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