Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Explodes Onboard Indigo Airlines Flight


A Samsung Galaxy Note-2 Smartphone exploded and caught on fire onboard an Indigo airlines flight heading for Chennai from Singapore. The aircraft landed safely and a major disaster was averted.


samsung-Galaxy-Note--2The aircraft was about to make a landing approach over Chennai International Airport when the incident took place. The explosion frightened all the 175 passengers onboard the aircraft. The DGCA has issued a guideline following this incident which instructs all Airline companies to forbid passengers from carrying Samsung Galaxy Note-2 Smartphone onboard their aircraft.

According to the statement issued by the DGCA, cabin crew reportedly saw smoke coming out from the overhead compartment and upon investigating discovered that the smoke originated from a burning Samsung Galaxy Note-2 Smartphone which was kept inside the overhead compartment. the cabin crew responded to the crisis according to standard procedures designed for such situations by spraying fire extinguisher on the phone and disposing it by placing it in a box filled with water found in the onboard toilet. The cabin crew quickly manage to gain the upper hand and were able to avert a major disaster.

DGCA have appealed the passengers to not carry Samsung Smartphones onboard an aircraft or switch it off before boarding an aircraft. It should be noted that a similar incident took place earlier when a Samsung note-7 exploded due to faulty battery, following which Airline companies from around the world banned passengers from carrying it onboard.

Meanwhile, Samsung has taken note of the increasing number of such incidents and has decided to pull approximately 400, 000Galaxy Note-7 from sale all around the world. The company has even requested customers to return their Galaxy Note-7 Smartphones back to the company in exchange for a new Smartphone later on. Samsung has even provided customers the alternative to exchange it for a different model as well.



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