Itanagar: Admin appeals for peaceful conduct of Vote Counting

77 company forces have been deployed across the state, out of which 38 companies are Central Paramilitary forces-Sunil Garg, IGP.


The Inspector General of Police & Nodal Officer Elections, Sunil Garg has appealed all the stake holders to maintain peace and tranquility across the state during the counting as well as post election.

Briefing the media at PHQ , Garg said that Central Paramilitary forces have been detailed at every strong room of the state along with 24X7  CCTV surveillance.

He said that 77 company forces have been deployed across the state, out of which 38 companies are Central Paramilitary forces while the remaining companies are from Arunachal Police force.   “15 Companies of forces were asked from the Central today,” added Garg.

He further said that there will be two tier cordoning system in all the counting centers/halls.

“The outer cordon of the security ring will be manned by the State Police to check the identity of the persons seeking entry in the hall while the inner Cordon will manned by Central Paramilitary,” said Garg.

Garg further informed that Election officers are checking the strong room regularly.

He also informed that he has directed SP of every district to provide full proof security for law and order maintenance post counting.

He also advised people to accept any result with peace and strive towards bring development in the state.

Meanwhile, Capital Deputy Commissioner Himanshu Gupta has also appealed the denizens of Twin Capital to maintain peace and harmony for smooth conduct of counting of votes.

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Stating that winning and losing is an integral part of election, Gupta has urged upon every individual to spread peace and love and not hatred after the declaration of result as well.

Confirming that counting of Papumpare District will also be held at Capital, he said that Banquet Hall has been selected as counting hall.

There will be two counting hall one at upper floor while another at ground floor, the ground floor for 13 Itanagar assembly constituency while the 1st floor will be for 14 Doimukh and 15 Sagalee Assembly constituency.

He also said that seven barricades have been made for the counting day for  use to sanitize the area.

Further informing that Banquet Counting hall will be used as Model Counting Hall, Gupta said that they will aim to replicate the system in other districts in the future.

DC also said that pedestrian and vehicular movement will not be allowed within 100 meters from the Banquet hall on both sides. He further added that public announcement system has been set up in the counting hall to give update through it as well.

He also said that sufficient security arrangement will be deployed outside the counting hall for maintaining law and order in the capital. “Forces for patrolling at night and mobile forces have also been detailed,” said Gupta.


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