PUBG mobile game to be banned in Arunachal Pradesh

PUBG and PUBG Mobile have been at the center of controversy not just in India but internationally as well. Numerous incidents with the game have portrayed it in poor light.



The online mobile game “PUBG” to be banned in state of Arunachal Pradesh for which the government is soughing suggestion, comment from law department, police and communication and IT department.

Speaking to Arunachal24 , Under Secretary (Home) Habung Lampung inform  that complain have already been submitted to government and even to Raj Bhawan which is under examination and scrutiny.

A complaint have also been forwarded by Raj Bhawan Secretariat vide letter No-GS/Deptt-48/2012/1522 dated June 13 2019 in regards to banning of online mobile game PUBG in the state of Arunachal Pradesh.

A letter have been accordingly send to commissioner (Law & Justice), Secretary (Information Technology & Communication), Director General of Police, (PHQ), Itanagar on July 26 2019 for getting suggestion, necessary input and comment  so that a proper action is initiated from the government for banning the online game in state of Arunachal Pradesh. Lampung added.

Controversy over PUBG Game 

PUBG and PUBG Mobile have been at the center of controversy not just in India but internationally as well. Numerous incidents with the game have portrayed it in poor light. Parents and others in India have even asked for a ban on the game. Despite its growing popularity, the battle-royale game has been banned at a few places. Countries like Nepal, Iraq have banned the game, while parents in UAE continue to demand a ban. The game was briefly banned in a few places in India as well. But the ban has since been lifted.

Parents and teachers continue to seek a ban on PUBG citing its numerous ill effects on children. However, to alleviate the concern of the parents, studies have found that video games don’t really have any effect on people’s tendencies towards violence. There have been numerous studies that have come to this conclusion, and the most recent one took place in the Oxford University. Researchers claimed that their findings were opposed to the popular belief.

PUBG mobile game to be banned in Arunachal Pradesh



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  1. Instead of taking proper precautions against selling alcohols, cigarettes and gutka and drugs to minor. This is the decision that g0vernment is taking. Pehle rashta tik karo aur mentality kid ka change karo, senior citizens of arunachal paradesh. Real reason is not the game, its alchohol and drugs causing violent behaviour in kids. And also their rude parents who are giving them the wrong lesson and attitude,.

    1. Looser parents blaming the game instead of trying to control their children. Why dont they try to control their child or delete the game from their child’s phone instead of blaming the game?

      1. Right parents are busy on there’s playing card,Laddu Game, Houise game,Gosseping, etc. Instead of Teaching children up to UKG, LKG, or classes 1 etc.

      2. I have heard people dying after playing PUBGM (mobile version of PUBG) and people dying due to intoxicants. I have seen people getting fame and success playing PUBGM but never a person getting success and fame by consuming intoxicants.
        Not only PUBGM but all other competitive games if taken seriously can prove as a platform for earning. We should be open to such new changes in the society. Not everyone are cut out for a doctor, engineer or other common jobs, we should encourage the growth of gaming community.
        And the one playing games should know why he is playing games. Is it for passing time or for his/her future?

  2. For the authorities who took this initiative of banning pub g app in our state, there are many other several ways to overcome this ban. For instance lets say VPN that enables the specific user to change their addresses ? ? banning isn’t gonna stop youths. They are more talented in using internet servers .
    Jst wanted to say banning won’t stop this cancer. Itna krr e raha hy toh gutkha b ban kr e doh totally dukaan log mae aneh mat doh… TRIHMS ka halat ko example lelo kona2 laal2 hy aur same other with public places in capital n rest of A.P. sabse tension hy yeh vimal,sikhar,R.G(rajnigandha), etc..etc…

  3. Grow up kids, You are mature enough i think so
    Duniya may kiya ho raha hay pehle woh dekho Road conditions ,ban of alcohols ,etc. Many other reasons are there but u dumbhead ek online game k piche para hua hay shame.
    Waha ek k baad ek alcohol shops khol raha hay woh dekhai nahi deta 🖕

    1. 100% right! State Govt. Jo dekhna hai ausko toh dekta he nai bekar mai game ko ban karr re…
      Actually game se vo boot kuch KNOWLEDGE milta hai…parraj suraff gandgi nahi Or kuch allak v hai iss duniya mai…. Boot log GAME se MILLONAR banta hai or MIND Intelligence hota hai…

    2. first you must to ban google from arunachal pradesh people are watching to mch porn in google and also ban Facebook and what app people are using this app to get girlfriend that also influnce child and mental problems and also ban south indian movie they also breaking physic law like gravity law that also influencing the people and also ban photo editor in arunachal pradesh girl are using this to trap boy and also make fake photo to get like and comment and also ban crime pratol they teach us how to kill human and also ban ludo game people are gambling with that game what a silly people gambling with ludo hahaha and also ban me for not to talk shit think in this post and many other first you have ban that given below than ban pubg

  4. Online games are kinda open platform for
    Youngsters ,but making the negative use if it is really a serious thing to deal with .so, why dont we raise our voice against the negtive usage of it rather than banning it .
    #PEACE. In AP.

  5. Kya din agaya hai !
    Government ek chota sa game ka piche par gaya !
    Didn’t expect this from the government of A.P.

  6. Its not the fault of mobile game pubg. Its the fault of the parents who can’t control their children.
    Senior citizens of A.P phele apna state ka rasta ko deko, light problem ko deko, net problem, student ka education deko..

  7. even if you ban PUBG there are severals other games which is as more addictive as “PUBG” and will be played by thousands of users of Arunachal. I think playing pubg in home is far better than being involved in taking drugs and all other stuffs. As a youth i dont’ think we will play “That” beyond its limit and harm ourselves from it. All doesn’t have same the mentality.
    If you can play it in a limited way then there will be no any issues over it anyway it is just a game.

  8. What action are you taking ?
    Instead u should have taken some serious action of the road condition ,corruption ,development and other useless practise but what decision are you taking my lord banning of pubg a game…According toe it is a silly decision and unjust decision you are taking..
    Instead banned harmful products wine shop to be minimise and even tobacco product,which can even cause canser.
    Eventhough im not a pubg player i request you not to atleast banned but to atleat adjust the time of gamming. Thank you

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