Obscene Pictures of another BJP MLA goes Viral



Social media has been taken by storm again by another BJP MLA, though this time the MLA isn’t from Assam but Rajasthan, as obscene pictures of BJP MLA from Bharatpur constituency of Rajasthan, Vijay Bansal have gone viral. The MLA can be allegedly seen in an obscene situation with a woman in the picture. The police has sprung into action and is investigating the authenticity of this picture.

When this story hit the fan on social media, the MLA was quick to deny his presence in the image and instead called the whole thing as a conspiracy to defame him. He claims that the image is photoshopped and has demanded tough actions against those responsible for creating and uploading this image.

Obscene Pictures of another BJP MLA goes Viral

The MLA accused Sahil Gera of creating and uploading these images. Sahil Gera is the son of Sanjay Gera, who won from his constituency in the 2014 Rajasthan state assembly polls on a BSP ticket.  Bansal has labelled the whole incident as a political conspiracy to defame him and the police is now trying to find evidence to substantiate his claim.

It must be noted that this image has spread through social media platforms such as Facebook and Whatsapp like wildfire. What’s more interesting is that there is a stark resemblance between the person in the image and the accused BLP MLA but it is yet to be determined whether this image is authentic or not.

However police investigations hasn’t stopped curious folk who are busy trying to find the truth behind this image.


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