No Revision in Land Compensation -Pul


Chief Minister Kalikho Pul firmly stick to the Cabinet Decision of maintaining Uniform Compensation Rate of Rs 11 per sq metre through out the state and said that there would be no revision in the land compensation rate fixed by the govt in a Cabinet Decision. He said this in a meeting with the executive members of All Tagin Youth Organization (ATYO) who were seeking for revision of the land compensation rate fixed by the govt recently.

Chief Minister while clearing doubts regarding the new land compensation rate said that the previous compensation rate was reviewed by the govt in a Cabinet Decision after received of complaints from various quarters that the rate was not uniform and manipulative in nature. He also informed that Govt of India is of the view that they can not implement developmental project or construct roads in the state by buying land at high compensation rates due to which the implementation of various important projects like 4-lane highway from Itanagar to Banderdewa was also in stake for the last several years. The Govt of India has agreed for construction of the 4-lane Itanagar to Banderdewa road only after the fixation of uniform rate @ Rs 11 per sq metre.

 “we must be ready to part with small portion of our land, if we want development in real sense in our area”, Said the Chief minister.

Chief Minister appealed the people of the state, student and community organizations, highway committees and all other stakeholders to cooperate with the govt in its pro-development programs and policies. He said, “our govt will work towards development of the state and for development works to take place, peace and tranquility is a must”.

He too feel that expression of views and voice is right and freedom of every individual or organization in a democratic country but also opined that it should not be at the cost of peace and development. Pressing his point forward, he said, “no developed state or country in the world has made progress with dharnas and bandh calls, but through maintenance of peace and tranquility only they could attained the heights of development”. He further appealed the organizations and committees to maintain peace and create conducive atmosphere for development works to begun.

Assuring to start the re-assessment process of land compensation soon along the Trans-Arunachal Highways, Chief Minister informed that it is only a re-verification of the earlier one and the process will not take long time to complete as perceived. He appealed the student community to cooperate in the re-assessment process and also to educate the villagers in the remote areas.

He also advised the student leaders saying that they are the future officers and leaders of the state, who will lead the state in days to come and exhorted them to take decision wisely for the betterment of all.

Parliamentary Secretary, Paknga Bage and Secretary Planning & Tourism, Joram Beda also attended the meeting.


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