Missing Arunachalee girl Jentila Bellai found in Noida 




Here is a good news related to Arunachalee girl Jentila  Bellai , who was missing after reaching Delhi to meet her facebook friend on Tuesday.

NE Helpine  based at New Delhi Chief Robin Hibu, IAS (IGP) informed Arunachal24 that the missing girl found at Noida, she is safe. informed to family members.



Hibu informed that “she was found safely at Noida hotel, He have spoken to her and also with her facebook friend (Ahnar Hasan) personally, her family members and Tezu police have informed telephonically.

Hibu said he have requested the girl to come to Delhi at Arunachal Bhavan and her brother is on way from Dehradun to Noida to take her.

Jentila  Bellai is from Tezu in lohit district believed to reached Delhi from Tezu to meet her Facebook boy friend at Delhi, who promised her good job in Delhi is missing since November 28. no contact to her family nor friends, her mobile is switch, her Facebook is inactive.



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