Kaso appeal Christians (Catholic) to become a good human being and avoid ego


Parliamentary Secretary PWD, UD, TP and local MLA Techi Kaso today appeal the catholic Christians to become a good human being and avoid ego and fine system which is still prevailing in the society. He also requested maintain dignity and support the government in part of development.


Kaso while addressing the function on the eve of inauguration of  St. Joseph Catholic Church at Gohpur Tinali today and said that all the activities and works are possible by the grace of god. Elaborating his journey in politic since 1987 and said that it was mercy of god and support of people that he could elected representative of capital city twice.

Referring to media report Kaso said we need not to afraid from anybody, our parents have already faced during 1970s. Every religion have freedom to believe and we Christian should move forward to support inspite of blaming others.

Itanagar Bishop Dr. John Thomas,  in his address said that earlier the place was not attached with the daises and now deceleration have made it possible.  Now full time activities of the church shall continue and the good work of the elaborated to the masses.

Bishop said that our social life should be associated with good deeds and god never says to work against humanity and appeal the believers to work in the welfare of the mankind and be prepare for death who one day have to passed away living this world and nothing will remain so be ready to work for god with a good thought and social development and education upliftment.

Father John Bosco Kurjur was appointed as father of the new parish of Gohpur and he shall look after all the affairs of the believers and church. Bishop said.

Kaso appeal Christians (Catholic) to become a good human being and avoid ego

Director SJETA Yumlam Kaha said that love begins from family and not about making anybody faction, we need to maintain our own tradition and culture and we did not want anybody help. He requested the church leaders to adopt indigenous language and traditional and culture in different parts of the state wherever they go for the promotion of the missionaries activities as the younger generation are getting away from the language, tradition and culture.

Arunachal Pradesh Catholic Association President Taw Tebin said that  we are not against the government but shall guide with supporting with the Arunachal Christian Forum (ACF). He also extended support to the ACF in its movement. IMC Councillor Tatung Tania,  Church Secretary Sorang Tallo

BJP Vice President and chief Spokesperson Domnik Tadar, Secretary General Nabam Pekhi among large numbers of catholic believers and local residents of Gohpur Tinali, Zoo, Economic & statistic colony area were present.

Various cultural performances were done by the various committee of the area.


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