Itanagar : Will the denizens of capital be able to change the face of capital complex ?




By Manoj Singh

Whenever you walk around the streets of the capital complex,  i am sure, you must be thinking that  ” can we will be able to make our city beautiful ” .  I am also thinking the same….. Will the denizen of this  capital city will be able to change the face of capital complex.

There have been lots of awareness on swachh bharat mission, swachh baharat abhiyan, obeying of traffic rule, proper parking, sanitation and disposition of garbage at a proper designated dustbin and several other issue by which the denizens  of capital complex have to suffer a lot on daily basis.

The denizens have to dispose garbage to IMC lorry, do not litter in public places, park your vehicle at safer place so that no other commuters get disturbances.

No overtaking on road, obey traffic rule, do not mix drink with driving, helmet compulsory for two wheeler, do not waster drinking water, no forest fire which affect global warming and change of weather, do not use polythene, switch off electricity if work complete and several other issue which we need to know and implement in our daily use.

SP Capital M. Harsha Vardhan while giving a clarion call to denizens of capital complex to obey traffic rule, civic sense and there is a need of change of mindset.

Itanagar : Will the denizens of capital be able to change the face of capital complex ?

We are living in 21st century and using technology for our support but at the same time we forget many small and pity issue by which we can remain safe and secure with peace and tranquillity with good health and hygiene. Always report to police if you find any illegalities. Help to those who are in need. Capital police at the service.

One of senior citizen from Naharlagun said that this is our state capital and what we do here reflected to other parts of state so we need to change our bad habits into good and also we need to educate our children ,  specially the youths who are the future of tomorrow so that our future is bright ahead.

One old lady from Papu Nallah while said our state is also competing in compare to other parts of country and we are equally developing but the state government should take a drastic decision in town and country planning like Gangtok and other city of country so that several amenities are available at the door step.

One unemployed youth while added that all these are happened due to lack of awareness and we need special attention of education, health and hygiene, traffic rule and several important public issue and we as a youth should also follow to make our capital a good place to live.


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