Arunachal: Khandu announces hike in monthly honorarium of Gaon Burahs

GOOD NEWS FOR GAON BURAHS- Chief Minister Pema Khandu announced  various facilities to Gaon Burhas including Hike in monthly honorarium, Office Cum guest house in every district and many more…..



Chief Minister Pema Khandu today made major announcements to strengthen the institution of Gaon Burah and for their welfare at a meeting of the All Arunachal Pradesh Gaon Burah Welfare Association here at Upper Dobam Village.

Chief Minister announced for hike in monthly honorarium of Gaon Burahs for which a notification has already been released on Thursday. He informed that for Gaon Burahs the monthly honorarium has been increased from Rs 1000 to Rs 1500 and for Head Gaon Burahs from Rs 1500 to Rs 2000.

Besides the hike in monthly honorarium, the Chief Minister said it will be made mandatory to invite all Gaon Burahs to every development meeting organised by the government offices. He said this will enable the Gaon Burahs to be part of the decision making.

On death benefits, Chief Minister announced that on accidental death, the immediate kith and kin of the deceased Gaon Burah will receive Rs 6 lakhs and on natural death Rs 2 lakhs. He said every Gaon Burahs will be insured under PM Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana to avail these benefits.

Chief Minister also announced that every district will mandatorily have an office cum guest house for Gaon Burahs and assured to immediately place funds for its immediate construction. He further announced to disburse Rs 2000 to every Gaon Burahs every two years for purchase of Red Coat.

Chief Minister said the institutions of Gaon Burahs cannot be compared with other institutions as it occupies respectable position in the society. He said Gaon Burahs have important role to play in bringing peace and harmony in the society. Through their wisdom and knowledge they are adapt at resolving conflicts at local level thus giving great assistance to the government in administering the area.

He also said to empower the institutions of Gaon Burahs, the decision to bring in two-tier panchayati raj system was effected in the state. He said with the two-tier system in place, Gaon Burahs will have greater say in the matter of local development.

Chief Minister earlier inaugurated the office cum guesthouse here and appreciated the formation of GB Association. He said GBs will be given orientation training to make them more aware about their roles and responsibilities.

He further assured to fund for the construction of boundary wall and for development of Nyokum ground inside the office of Gaon Burah premises here at Upper Dobam village. He also promised to supply all necessary materials such as furniture, office materials for smooth functioning of the office.


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