Itanagar police nabbed Bike lifters, recovered 11 two wheelers




Continuing the active efforts to check the menace of auto lifting in the Itanagar Capital, police  and to nab the bike lifters, the team of Capital Itanagar District Police led by Shri Kamdam Sikom SDPO Itanagar, Inspector T.Bage OC PS Itanagar and SI L.Kamcham under close supervision of SP Sagar Singh Kalsi has recovered the following two wheelers/ motorcycles and scooters bearing chassis numbers from various places

(1) Yamaha FZ, chassis no. ME121C01592069012

(2) Scooty, chassis no.ME1SE7786G0076808,

(3)Scooty rayZ ME1SE7787G002264,

(4)Scooty, chassis no.ME1SED179H002590,

(5)Scooty rayZ, chassis no.ME1SED162H0003788,

(6) Scooty, chassis no.ME1SED172H0004012,

(7) Scooty, chassis no.ME12NC012E2102905,

(8) Scooty, chassis no.ME1SE7758F0003875 and

(9) Scooty RayZ, chassis no.ME12NC016E2119787,

(10) Scooty, chassis no 2NC10784753 and

(11) Scooty, chassis no.ME1SE7757F0003146

Police apprehended 2 juveniles thereby working out many bike lifting cases so far pending in Police Station Itanagar.

SDPO Itanagar while speaking Arunachal24 informed that these bike lifters are minor school going children. It has been observed that dishonest receivers of stolen two wheelers are directly and indirectly encouraging the young minor boys and we’re taking strict action as per law against them. He further warned that receivers of such stolen motorcycles should either surrender those motorcycles/Scooters before police or face the consequence.

SP Capital has informed that both MV theft prevention as well as detection strategies have been strengthened. Awareness campaigns are being divised to sensitize people to use antitheft equipments etc along with teams being raised to target the auto lifters and put them behind the bars.


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One Comment

  1. Sir that black one scooty is mine but sir all my documents were at scooty while stolen so I don’t FIR but sir I recognize my scooty bike side ..which one is black on back side and handle cover was clean up …plz sir kindly give it to me…I forgot my engine cessiss nmbr but sure that black discolour one is mine …

  2. Handle with no cover one is mine sir …
    Sir plz mei apnaa scooty ko pehchanrah hoon Jo scooty piche side black or piche wheel mei guutka lagayae Woh mra wala hai sir
    Actually sir hum 2nd hand mei karida tha document ko bhi ready nai Kiya tha duty mei bod busy hone Ka Karan sir …FIR likne gya bhi tha sir but documents nai hone Ka Karan whaa Ka koi officer mujhse Bola ki nai Hoga and sir mra scooty Ka nmbr -AR021888
    Yupia Ka registration wala hai ..
    Plz sir plz kindly IAM on faking on you…IAM telling you the truth
    The scooty was stole from Behind KFC which was stolen around 7:pm
    Near delivery hub…

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