Itanagar- PMT in action to check prices of essential commodities

Itanagar-  Price Monitoring Team ( PMT )headed by Executive Magistrates, officers from LMCA, APMC and Police carried out inspection at various locations in the sectors of Capital Region to ensure that essential commodities are not sold above MRPs.


During the course of checking, the Team also directed the shopkeepers to abide by the Government notified Rates of Essential Commodities and a copy of the same was also circulated amongst the shopkeepers  and vendors.

They were also Warned of strict action as per the various sections of law in case of violation of the order In view of extension of lockdown till 20th July 2020, the Deputy Commissioner Komkar Dulom has requested the denizens of Capital Region especially the trading community to cooperate with the Administration and not to try to take undue advantage of the situation.

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The ADM Talo Potom had also been carrying out regular checking drives after lockdown was extended on the permitted days that the markets were allowed to open I.e, on 13th, 14th and 17th July 2020


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