Itanagar: Fire mishap averted in AP Civil Secretariat building

ITANAGAR-  The alertness of the staffs of Block-2 of Arunachal Pradesh Civil Secretariat has resulted in averting the fire mishap in the civil secretariat campus today. Sources informed.

There was smoke seen coming-out from the Male bathroom at fifth floor of Block-2 today afternoon at around 3.45 PM, but it was not confirmed weather the smoke of fire is originated at fifth flood or other floor. A staffs of the fifth floor said adding that that everyone was in confusion what to do and running in other direction to save themselves.


As per information the smoke   was coming from the sanitary shaft of the bathroom/toilet premises and immediately the alert staffs of PWD and other including the security staffs swung into action and douse the fire with the bucket of water. The sources said.

The fire brigade and fire fighters also come in-between and also help the staffs.

The  source said that the fire may be generated by waste materials and garbage’s thrown in the sanitary shaft and might be stuck into the assembly of the building and someone might have thrown cigarette or matchstick which might have caught fire.

Everyone was in action while the incident took place today afternoon. The sources added.


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