Itanagar: Capital police appeal commuters to be careful while driving in hilly roads

Itanagar-  Capital police appeal the commuters to remain careful and alert while driving in hilly and under construction roads in rainy days and even in night hours.

Speaking to media, Itanagar Police station OC Phasang Simi inform that most of the roads in capital complex  specially  are in hilly area and also due to huge traffic on several occasion it is the responsibility of the commuters to maintain traffic rules and various traffic advisory from time to time.


Several accidents in hilly area are either due to technical snag in the vehicle or negligence commuted by the drivers, therefore it is important that few parts of vehicle should be fit and in good condition like brake, light, indicators and others.  Riders need to obey traffic rule like avoid rash driving, use seat belt, use dipper in night and maintain safety measure like do not mix drink with driving and no mobile phone while driving.

While mentioning few places in capital complex as prone to accidents, Simi said there are few places in capital roads which are prone to accident specially near Pahalwan mor on NH-415 and other places where drivers should maintain speed limit and care for others who are coming from opposite direction. He said.

There are around four to six accident every month on a average near Pahalwan mor and therefore everyone need to maintain alertness as the road is under construction and it is necessary that we maintain safety measure to avoid or minimize accidents while driving on under construct8ion road in all time and specially in night hours in rainy days. Simi added.


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