Itanagar: Land acquire for Hollongi airport was no men’s land- Nabam Rebia

The land where the Hollongi airport will establish was no men’s land in 1960, and went to private individuals later-Nabam Rebia.



The Minister Environment, Forest and land, Management, Naba Rebia revealed that “The land where the Hollongi airport will establish was no men’s land till 1960, and went to private individuals later, it has been mentioned in the report , he submitted to the government.

However there were never written as the land belongs to government but it was presumed and only presumed, he said.

Rebia said that  the land in question at present belongs to local indigenous and people living in the are the owner of the land therefore the government is going to pay land compensation to the affected families.

He said that the government have fixed a rate of land compensation @ Rs. 507 per square metre, somebody is creating unnecessary agenda on the airport construction.

He also appeal no one should misguide the innocent people of the area and if anyone have any concern we are ready to negotiate and discussed for a resolution,  Rebia said.

Rebia said that very soon Hollongi area is going to become a very important place. Hollongi going to be include in international Map, because government India was sanction fund for the Hollongi green filed Air port and on 8 February PM Modi is going to lay the foundation stone for Airport.

Lots of development work will start in Hollongi area , like road, bridges etc.   Crores of fund had been sanction for the improvement of Rajghar road. after these development people of both States ( Assam and Arunachal ) will be gets benefits from this project.


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