Itanagar: IMC Mayor dedicates 4 ‘round-the-clock’ waste collection vehicles for daily market

ITANAGAR-  To ensure clean and green capital, Mayor-Itanagar Municipal Corporation (IMC)  Tame Phassang dedicated four  ‘round-the-clock’ waste collection vehicles specially for the daily markets here on Wednesday.


‘Market areas are one of the busiest junction of the city especially daily markets, where tons of waste are coming out every day and the same create an unhygienic environment, So to keep the Markets clean, we have decided to assigned two tractors round the clock each in Naharlgun and Itanagar daily markets’ informed, Mayor Tame Phassang.

Elaborating more on the new concept, he said Trolley of the tractors will be kept in designated areas of the market, and vendors just have to drop the waste in them, as soon as the trolley gets full the team of IMC will come to clear the collected garage by towing with the trolley. The process will continue round the clock in day hours, however, it will also be the responsibility of the vendors not to throw garbage in unspecified locations, appealed Phassang.

While reiterating   Jan Bhagidari( people’s participation )as the only mantra to keep the city clean and green, Mayor urged the denizens of the IMC jurisdiction to join the movement to overcome the garbage problem.


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