Itanagar: IMC Mayor Clarifies on ‘IMC Hindi Capital of NE’ banner

ITANAGAR- Responding to the queries and social media reactions on the hoarding put up by the IMC on Underpass with a tagline of ‘Hindi Capital of Northeast’, Mayor Itanagar Municipal Corporation (IMC) Tame Phassang today informed the media that the tagline is not intended to hurt the sentiments of locals or to disrespect any other local dialects but it was used just show our affection toward the Hindi language which is spoken mostly in Arunachal in-compare to other Northeastern states.


IMC  Mayor welcomes any positive criticism that will be beneficial for the capital region and state as a whole but will not endorse an attempt to impose any kinds of illogical or unprincipled thought from any corner. Stating that, Mayor also informed that, it’s a hard fact that  ‘Hindi’ is being used by 90% of the state population for essay communication. In a remote village to the state Assembly ‘Hindi’ is being used for debate, discussion as well as for designing our state’s future, he stated.

“We are not against any language, we encourage our people to preserve local dialects’ asserted Mayor while adding that, Assam has their Assamese language , Nagaland has Nagamese as a common language but  Arunachal Pradesh has at least  25 major tribes and more than 100 sub-tribes, so it is bit difficult to use particular language/dialects.

We are neither endorsing “Hindi” nor it is a national language but when most of the people communicate in Hindi even in the country, then what is wrong in writing “Hindi Capital of Northeast” when our own people use it for communication, asserted Mayor.

He further informed that, if anyone comes with legal as well as some strong logical reason, IMC will definitely remove it, said Mayor. ” let’s fight against garbage, drugs menace, Corruption, but not on language, religion or tribe said Mayor.

When asked about the ranking in Swachh Survekshan of Itanagar, Mayor informed me that Itanagar is now more on the list of Dirtiest cities,  but is on the improving list. We are getting less marks due to the absence of Solid Waste Management Plants, Sewage Treatment Plants, and Modern Abattoir House. All these plants are under construction and with the cooperation of the public Itanagar will soon get a good result on cleanliness, stated Mayor.


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