Itanagar: DNGC Women Cell organises Sensitisation Programme on Self reliance of women

ITANAGAR- Women Cell of Dera Natung Government College (DNGC ), Itanagar organised a day long sensitization programme on ‘Importance of self reliance of women’ on 22nd November 2021.


Resource Person Assistant Professor Nending Ommo gave an impactful talk on self reliance of women. He said that it was the responsibility of women counterpart to prove their caliber and be self reliant against the norms laid down by patriarchic society.

He also said that self reliance of women is not a celebration of past but the responsibilities they take up of their every decision and guts go against the dictates of the society. He also added that the government is supporting the women folks in many fields and many male counterparts have opened up their minds in respect of self reliant women and he thanked womenhood for the lives which are made easier by the tireless contribution of women folks.

The programme was coordinated by Assistant Professors Ms. Geyir Ete and Ms. Tobom Nyori. The programme was attended by girls representing 14 Departments and volunteers of NCC and NSS of DNGC.

Earlier, the official Facebook Page of Women Cell was digitally launched by the Resource Person Mr. Nending Ommo.

Ms. Tobom Nyori, Co-Convener of Women Cell informed that Facebook Page was launched to coordinate and mobilize the girls of DNGC and also to learn the problems faced by the students.

Ms. Geyir Ete, Convenor of Women Cell expressed that a male Resource Person was invited to know the opinion of the men folks and their outlook. She also informed that such sensitization programmes will be organised every month.

Principal of DNGC Dr. M. Q. Khan expressed his satisfaction on how the Women Cell was actively taking up activities to sensitize gender equality amongst students and how the Women Cell was mobilizing the girl students to be more pro-active in academic and co-curricular activities.


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