China’s claim on Arunachal Pradesh “outrageous”: German envoy

Germany's Ambassador lauds India's values and democracy

NEW DELHI. Germany’s Ambassador to India Philipp Ackermann has said that China’s encroachment on India’s border is a violation of the international order and should not be accepted, but at the same time, Europe’s anger over the Russian attack on Ukraine needs to be understood.


Newly-appointed German ambassador Philipp Ackermann on Monday termed China’s claims on Arunachal Pradesh as “shocking”. Describing the Russian attack on Ukraine as the most serious attack in the world in the last 70 years, Ackerman said he believed that the Indian side also understood very well that it was a violation of international law.

India and Europe cannot agree on “every point” as far as the Ukraine crisis is concerned, but there is an understanding between the two sides about the problem, he said. He said that we are aware of India’s problem on the northern border. We must not forget that China claims Arunachal Pradesh to be part of China. We clearly see that encroachment on the border is extremely difficult and should not be accepted.

The German envoy said that India should also differentiate between China’s border and what is happening in Ukraine. Regarding the Indian stand on Ukraine, he said that I think the Indian side understands very well the violation of international law.

The Ambassador welcomed India’s recent vote in the UN Security Council, allowing the President of Ukraine to digitally address the global body. He said that this is a progress in India’s stand.

He said that the Russian invasion of Ukraine has been a frequent topic of discussion between Germany and India and it has manifold implications on the areas of food and energy security etc.

He said that Russia is playing with the energy supply to Germany and Russia has a contract to supply 20 percent of its gas and now they have stopped it for the last few days.


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