Arunachal: Protest Rally Held Against Mega Dam project in Siang valley

People have once again raised their voice against coming up of mega dams in the frontier state of Arunachal Pradesh.

DITE DIME ( SIANG )-  A peaceful protest rally was organised at Dite-Dime in Siang district of Arunachal Pradesh on Thursday  by the All Adi Welfare Society (AAWS) Youth Wing and various others local organisations against the proposed Mega Dam over Ane (Mother) Siang at Siang and Upper Siang Districts.

People were shouted slogans against the construction of mega dams in Arunachal Pradesh stating that it will hugely affect the ecology of the entire Siang river system and also the state. People have also passed a Resolutions for “ No Dam over Ane Siang ”. They said ‘No Dam means no dam’,  we do not need temporary solution in the name of permanent displacement and also ‘we do not need dam in the name of development’. They said.

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Dikent Libang, President of the All Adi Welfare Society (AAWS) Upper Siang District Unit, stated that the protests were conducted peacefully to convey a clear message to the administration and government that the local population does not support the construction of a mega dam in the Siang valley.

The project, which has been a subject of controversial debate, has sparked concerns among the locals due to its potential impact on their livelihoods and environment.

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The Siang River, considered sacred by many tribes residing in the region, holds immense cultural and religious significance.

The proposed mega dam, aimed at harnessing hydropower, has faced opposition from indigenous groups who fear the loss of their ancestral lands, displacement, and adverse environmental consequences.


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