Arunachal Pradesh- Khandu Ministry Expanded


At last Chief Minister Pema Khandu’s ministry has been expanded on Wednesday. The swearing in of the ministers has been carried out by Governor In Charge Tathagata Roy at 12.30 in Raj Bhavan. Pema Khandu took over as Chief Minister on July 17, with Chawna Mein as Deputy Chief Minister.


Political analysts of the state are saying that Khandu is doing a balancing act in choosing ministers with representatives from all major tribes. Most importantly, most of the Ministers are senior Congress leaders having political acumen and experience of governance in the past.

The state has wasted many precious months and years without any business just because of the insatiable greed of the MLAs for getting Ministerial berths. The electors will not forgive the habitual trouble makers. They have suffered enough and according to them, it’s time for serious governance.  Now the people of the state don’t wants more dissidence politics. They only want development of the state.

The newly inducted ministers are  ( Left to Right )

  1. cm-dcministersWangki Lowang
  2. Honchun Ngandam
  3. Nabam Rebia
  4. Rajesh Tacho
  5. Tanga Byaling
  6. Jomde Kena
  7. Takam Pario
  8. Kumar Waii
  9. Tapong Taloh
  10. Kamlung Mossang


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