Itanagar: Fuel crisis in capital Complex continue

consumers continue to stand in queue for hours together.


Fuel crisis does not seems to end as long queue of vehicles were seen in all petrol depot of capital complex on Monday. Locals appeal the state government for a long term management plan.


The locals consumers allege that if the petrol pump remain open then there would be no fuel crisis. But it has been noted that several Petrol pump after delivery of fuel for few hours shout down their premises have make the people to understand that there stock got exhaust and create panic.

This may be one of  the reason of fuel crisis remain in capital complex and the customers have to stand in queue and waste hours together to fill their vehicle tank. Such situation is almost a week we have been facing, consumers  allege.

It is to mention that there are around 18 petrol pump  (Retail Outlet) of various Oil company which include BPCL-3 Essar-2  rest are of IOCL.

It is stated that there are requirement of around 80 KL of Diesel (HSD) and around 30 KL petrol are required for entire papum Pare district including capital complex.


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