Arunachal Police in path of modernising-DGP




By Manoj Singh

Arunachal Police is basically to maintain law and order and provide security to the people of state said Director General of Police SBK Singh to media.

DGP said that Arunachal Police is also in way of modernising .  we are coming up with new concept of model police station in state with availability of all facilities,  like child play room, changing room for women police, toilets for men and women, reception room for all those who visit police station for any reason.

We are also procuring several modern equipments and technology for improvement of the system and activities. In women police station we shall have sanitary pad vending machine.

In capital complex the traffic warden and traffic policemen have come into one platform and they are operationally been deployed alongwith traffic policemen. They have been segregated into seven zones.

Earlier these traffic Wardens were not having proper training and are being given traffic management and traffic regulation training by the policemen which is in progress in collaboration and cooperation  with Capital Deputy Commissioner and SP capital.

There are 85 police station functional with more than 7000 civil police with support of more than 7000 IRBn. 30 Para military forces company are also deployed and part of maintaining law and order and internal security.

We are doing a scientific exercise this time and sent the officers/engineer of Police Housing Corporation to all police station who will see the exact requirement of infrastructure of all police station and would prepare proposal which will be sent to the government for consideration.

The Fire station at Itanagar have been completed, the Itanagar police station is also at the verge of completion but we are adding some more infrastructure for the public felicitation and other requirement including to accommodate forces in the premise. Wome police station is also coming up. Many police station in district are also under construction.

Singh said that if any one face any problem with the police and they should not keep upto themselves, He or she should come to us for a resolution and solution and we will certainly try to help them.

In regards to the providing of CCTV cameras in all check gates and the needy places of the capital, he said that we have planned and survey is being made by the capital police and we would be procuring accordingly.

When asked about delay in installing more camera in different locations,  Singh replied that this is the need of the hours and very soon it would be done.  With regards to the status of the installed cameras he said that SP capital can take care of it an direction have been issued in this regards.

Singh said that ‘we are organising wellness month in this month long period all the police personnel’s and family members will be given health check up and awareness and tips to remain healthy, fit and fine. Yoga is also introducing and practice will given to almost all the personnel who will carry the exercise of their won and this training will be culminated on the International Yoga Day.

The exercise and other daily works are also associated with art of living for wellness of all police personnel. The month long health check up programme will be benefited even to the family members and this will heap in maintaining a good health to remain fit and fine.


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