Itanagar: work for the community and clan- Gumsing Masang Society


The Gumsing Masang Society (GMS) held its executive Meeting on Sunday in Itanagar have unanimously decided to work for the community and clan ,  welfare and development of the area and shoulder the responsibility for the unity and integrity and development of state.


Chief Advisor and former ZPC Kurung Kumey district Sangha Tagik Masang said that we are two brother of the clan father of the  ‘Gumsing’ settled in Upper Subansiri district while ‘Masang’ settled in Kurung Kumey are clan members of Abo Tagum who is forefather of the Gumsing Masang clan brother but scattered in two different districts of state.

He said that any other community and clan member should not think of otherwise as the clan have been united to foster the community existence for preservation cultural heritage and traditional value of the clan and community members of the state.

Itanagar: work for the community and clan- Gumsing Masang Society

GMS Chairman Tami Nikja  Masang while said that the clan members members  earlier during 70s there was only three village, slowly the population grew upto 7 thousand spread across  two district.

Advisor Sangha Roman, Vice Chairman Tapa Singdak Gumsing, Convenor Sangha Choba Masang, General secretary Takar Rava Gumsing, AGS Tade Singnik Gumsing, Youth President Sainik Siyum Gumsing among other address the function.

The function also attended the oath taking of the new executive members in presence of several eminent personalities and senior member and former executive members of the NGO for the welfare of the community.


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