Arunachal: The Tale of Paga Village, where the light of development has finally shined




The Tale of Paga Village, where the light of development has finally shined- this heart touching story, written by the younger son of Gaon Burha ( GB ) of Paga village of Arunachal Pradesh  . The story sheds light into the friendship of a Govt officer  with a Goan Burha of a remote village still not connected by road. However, after 70 years of independence, a road will reach this village very soon……


This tale is about my father and his friend–  Gollo Nagu, S/o  GB, Paga Village 


Once upon a time when our mengio EAC office was not established and we used to go sagalee for office work. That time my father came to sagalee to attended gaon burha meeting. After meeting was done my father (Mr  Gollo Tabing GB paga ) met Mr Jiken Bomjen sir who work as BDO in Sagalee C/O office (now currently C/O office is established as ADC office).

Gollo Tabing and Jiken Bomjen

After hours of conversation my father invited him to visit our village as touring programme. After few months he (BDO) visited my dwelling village Paga (Mengio circle) by foot from sagalee, parang, pilla, sakiang to my home in the year October 1990 and on the way many liches were bite him.

He slept in my Father’s house. Next day, My father gave him feast with Goat and also invited general public. My father also offered him a goat to take with him to Sagalee but he refused due to no proper road condition and asked my father to bring the goat himself to Sagalee next time my father visits Sagalee. So my Father brought a Goat to sagalee in next visit. Bringing a goat from Paga to Sagalee was not easy as there was no road.

From that time onwards their bonding as friends grew more and more. Now they are still good friends and help out each other every time they can. They still greets and hugs each other like an old pals whenever they meet.

Gollo Tabing with his kids

Now BDO is ADC officer and my father is still a gaon burha but this never has been an issue in their friendship and they still are as good friend as they were long time ago and friendship only grow more each time they meet.

I wish their friendship always be like this.

I want to conclude that:
A friend whether small or big in profession, a friend is always a friend. Never make profession an issue in friendship. We all can help each other in many ways.

Respect and help each other.
God Bless bless both of you.

About Gollo Tabing  GB paga Village

Gollo Tabing  have two wife and 9 children that is boys 4 and girls 5.  One wife has been died namely Gollo yape she have 5 children 2 boys 3 girls. Gollo Tabing is Gaon Burha ( GB ) of Paga Village and renowned person. He is also a Nyishi Genealogists and mythologies man from mengio.  All the villager  depending on him about their  ancestors word or traditional rhythms and falk lore. Now he is above 60 year  and still a  strong mind and heart also physically active….

Arunachal: The Tale of Paga Village, where the light of development has finally shined
road which connect Paga

About Paga Village 

Paga village is situated between two river namely Nyerpung and Nyerke, last northern part of papum pare district Arunachal pradesh. Paga is one of the remotest village of Papum Pare district which was deprived of basic needs like Road Connectivity due to which villagers used to face many difficulties for travelling to towns, especially in case of medical emergency. Now the Paga village is being connected to Kullung village. Road Project is almost completed. Resident of Paga village believe that more developments will come to their village .


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