Arunachal: Moyong inaugurates new village ‘Leging’ near GTC Tebo

PASIGHAT( By Maksam Tayeng )- Pasighat East MLA, Kaling Moyong today inaugurated a new village near GTC Tebo named ‘Leging village’ some 5 KM from Pasighat in the presence of Oyem Dai, President, Bogong Banggo Kebang, ZPM Bogong-I and II, Tamut Tasung and Ogam Mengu, 38th BJP Mandal President, Asar Padun, former ZPC Kaling Dai and others.

On the inauguration of the village, Makbul Pertin, retired Commissioner who is a resident of the new village said that the village has 16 houses at present. He drew the attention of MLA Kaling Moyong in providing water supply to the village as water is the lifeline of every human settlement.

He also urged Moyong and the government to allocate and appoint a Gaon Burah in the village for necessary village activities. However, Pertin extended his thankfulness to MLA Moyong on behalf of the village for providing electricity to the village.

Speaking on the sideline of the village inauguration, Oyem Dai, BBK President said that the Leging village will see speedy development soon as smaller villages are easier and better to control in connection with developmental work. Kaling Dai, Tamut Tasung, Ogam Mengu, Gaon Burahs, Ote Rukbo and others also spoke on the occasion.

While extending his all possible help to the village, Moyong suggested the villagers to get them registered in the coming census enrolment. He also assured to extend all other possible help from his side and he hoped that the village will soon have a Gaon Burah and all other developmental establishments like a community hall (Musup), village road connectivity etc.

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