Arunachal govt clarifies it’s stand on PRC issue

Spokesperson for Arunachal Pradesh Govt, Bamang Felix clarified the state Govt’s stand on PRC issue.



In regards to the PRC issue which has been lately highlighted in various media, it is clarified that the Government of Arunachal Pradesh will examine the issue of Permanent Resident Certificate (PRC) only after receiving the report from the Joint High Power Committee (JHPC) which will be further taken to the cabinet for appropriate decision, stated Bamang Felif, spokesperson of the state govt through a press stament.

Presently the JHPC is still in the process of conducting consultative meetings with all stakeholders in various locations in the State, said the statement.

It is once again reiterated that JHPC headed by  Nabam Rebia,  Minister Environment & Forest etc. consists of student organisations, Community based organisations, community based student organisations, senior ministers, Member of Parliament, Commissioner Home, Joint Secretary Home etc. as members .

In no given point of time will the Government take a decision which will be against the interest of the Indigenous people and the State which has been amply reiterated by  Chief Minister and  Deputy Chief Minister in various forums and occasions, mentioned in the statement.

The Government will ensure that any decision will be arrived at only on the recommendation of JHPC and PRC if so issued will be done without compromising on any of the indigenous rights of the people of the State, said the press statement. .


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