Workshop on NE Indian language, its preservation and development begins


Director of Higher & Technical Education, Tayek Tallom appeal one and all scholars and intellectuals to work and researchers to evolve a coconscious script of our language for better preservation and development of different language of Arunachal Pradesh.


Tallom was addressing the gathering of scholars, academician, researchers on the inauguration of three days workshop of North East Indian language, its preservation and development. Tallom said that we are loosing our mother tongue day by day in the name of development. Our children do not wish to speak in mother tongue in group or gathering and is a bad precedence.

Literacy percentage is increasing and we need to derive some short of option for our language, he emphasis for opting of Roman or devanagri  as like the Bodo adopted for their convenience. There are more than 300 dialects/language without proper script and 26 major tribes and spoke dialect without proper script, we need to develop a common script for official correspondence, he also said that though scholars and researchers have been working in this regard but we need to take interest in it.

Guest of honour, National Secretary, Siksha Shanstahan Samity, New Delhi  Atul Kothari said that there have been survey in 1969,1991, 2001 shows that there have been increase in language and some of them are at the extent of loosing are due to non totality of survey and demanded for the same properly which may give exact fact and figures of language and other issues of the society.

Our Indian language need to be preserved and our mother tongue are good to learn but in education sector there should be common language which would be our own language Kothari said.

There are 1721 language and out of which 221 are venerable but in Arunachal there are 90 languages do not have script.

He emphasis on our speaking need to be upgraded to script and the main motto is to develop script for one or two language in first instance on experimental basis, and the scientific script should be friendly in world over.

Special guest, RGU, HOD (Hindi) Professor H.K. Sharma, RGU (HOD) History Professor Tana Sowren, Bharatya Bhasa Manch, New Delhi, National Convenor Rshsab Prasad, Kendra Hindi Sansthan Regional Director Rajveer Singh, Asstt. Professor cum Member, Bharatya Bhasa Manch, New Delhi Dr. Joram Anya Tana, DNGC Principal Kumar Tok Camdir, Principal I/C Government College Yachuli Dr. Tehi Upen Tara among others address the gathering.

Student from Rajiv Gandhi University, Government College, Doimukh, Dera Natung Government College Itanagar and others attended. The programme shall continue for next two days which was organised by Hindi Department of DNGC and Kendr Hindi Sansthan, Regional Centre, Gwahati, sponsored by Bhratya Bhasa Manch, New Delhi.


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