We never compromise granting of ST status to Chakma, Hajong- Dominic Tadar


The court can give citizenship to Chakma & Hajong but can’t be given settlement in Arunachal and we  will never compromise regarding the granting of ST status to them, said BJP Vice President Dominic Tadar .

Tadar was addressing a gathering at the silver jublie celebration of All Papum pare District Student Union (APPDSU).  Speaking on the land issue related to illegal encroachment and settlement of Chakma & Hajong  he said the granting of citizenship to them is not acceptable-

Further  Tadar asked the students to follow the soul motto of union “learn to serve”.  The responsibility of any organization or union is to serve the society and state as a whole. Your work should not be confined to the people of papum pare district only.

Itanagar being the capital city of state and Arunachal  Pradesh termed as mini India. A person from every state and different tribe and culture of the country stays here.  We should respect every tribe and culture and at the same time welcome everyone but should also protect the land, Tadar said.

While Nabam Jolo advocate by profession and founding president of APPDSU interacting with the students asked to maintain the purity of the union as it was in their days. APPDSU concern was is to protect indigenous rights of students and to protect illegal encroachment of land in the boundaries of Papumpare and Assam. The protection of your right should not come by violence beside approach through legal means.

In the meantime he highlighted some points on SC granting citizenship to Chakma & Hajong. Students have to play the pivotal role on back throwing them from the state. Days and by year the population of these refugee are increasing which is great concern for the people. No doubt every student organization is supporting the rollback of the refugees but at the same time you should also know the history of them in detail so as to counter, Jolo lamented.

In his welcome speech Nabam Tarosh the convenor of APPDSU said to the gathering about the sole motive of silver jubilee celebration is to motivate and inspire the students through sports, art and culture. APPDSU has been working on the eradication of social evils and futile taboos which really affect an individual and society. We have specially invited student’s leaders from Namsai, Tirap, Changlang and Longding to have root discussion on the Chakma & Hajong issue and how to overcome it, Tadu said.

APPDSU president Nabam Tado and general secretary also highlighted about the sole motive of celebration of silver jubilee on the occasion. Present during the celebration was former student leaders from AAPSU, NES community leaders along with students from Mengio, Sagalee, and many more.



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